Price from the architectural plans 09 70 Painting & Wallcovering, or a site visit. Measure all the walls and ceiling areas to be painted.
Painting & Coating. CSI 09 91 13- Finishes 09 00 00
Total Bid for interior painting jobs, including both material and labor
per ground square foot
  • Labor costs alone account for 70% to 85% of your total paint job. (Your painters’ hourly rate is the largest component)
  • Ceilings, walls and trim
  • Assume 2 coats of paint
  • Allowances for new construction—add 30% longer for priming and caulking of walls
Supplier/ Subcontractor
Materials Checklist


  •   Paint and primer
  •  Brushes and rollers
  • Caulk and spackle
  • Scrapers and sandpaper
  • Gloves, goggles and masks
  • Coveralls
  • Drop cloths and plastic
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint trays
Contractors like to keep the paint/wall coverings with the drywallers to keep prices down and minimize number of subcontractors on site
Statistics B

Use this construction painting pricing guide to determine what to charge your customers.

Construction scopes include interior painting and at times exterior

Painting prices

Consider 3 things to put together your painting bid: Total Hours for Prep, Total Hours for Application, Total Material Cost
Hourly cost per painter
Per hour
Painting Apartments – Interior    

If you do not have the building square foot size and only have a number of apartment/ hotel units.  This is a multi family project type and you can price per unit.

Per apartment unit
Room Size Effects

The cost to paint an average 10-by-12-foot room ranges from $200 to $800. The most important factor is area, and the size of the room determines the overall cost of the supplies. One gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet, and it’s recommended that each room gets two coats of paint.

Up to $800
average 10-by-12 foot
Room Type

The price depends greatly on the areas to be painted. The cost to paint a living room runs from $900 to $2,000 for an average 330-square-foot room. A bathroom doesn’t have much area to paint due to tubs, cabinets, and showers. Kitchens usually cost up to 50 percent less than other rooms due to cabinets.

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