Electrical work pricing guide to obtain structural information and any unusual heights
Division 26 – Electrical
Quick accurate electrical work pricing guide
  • Fire Alarm
  • Site Phone Conduits
  • Site Cable Conduits
  • Count special systems
  • Site Sign Power
  • Write up panels and switchgear
  • Site lighting
The Electrical Take-Off
  • Count light fixtures
  • Count switches and switch plates
  • Count receptacles, floor boxes, special receptacles, and phone outlets
  • Count special systems
  • Count disconnects, motor controllers and one-of-a-kind items
  • Write up panels and switchgear
  • Count disconnects, motor controllers and one-of-a-kind items
  • Measure feeders
  • Measure branch circuits
  • Measure special systems raceways
Related to accurate electrical work pricing references, commercial electricians usually charge 20% more per hour than residential electricians because commercial jobs are generally larger than residential jobs, and commercial building codes are more stringent, requiring more experience and knowledge.
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Use electrical work pricing guide as your framework of reference to meet fair and competitive bid prices

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Electrical scope of work prices

Davis Bacon Prevailing wage classification- ELECTRICIAN
Packaged Generator Replacements

The installation of a power generator is the most effective solution to power outage events. 26 3210 – Fuel-fired Generators allow calculating wattage properly so that the power system isn’t overload at startup, preventing equipment damage due to unstable voltage.

For an optimal performance of this equipment, the power generator is placed on a concrete pad and connected to an existing fuel line, and a transfer switch is installed by the main breaker box. Generators-and-Transfer-Switches allow operating and monitoring it easily.

Wiring Devices Installations

This is an accurate electrical work pricing reference for wiring devices installations:

For structured wiring, which is the system designed to handle communication and entertainment devices- $8.

For low-voltage wiring installations, charge $0.50 per linear foot.

IMPORTANT: the total price of a wiring installation must include:

  • The costs of the electrical wiring devices used, as (Receptacles, Switches, Wall Plates, Dimmer Controls, Floor Outlets).
  • The costs of the electrical wiring installation.
  • The cost of other materials (like panels).
  • Your hourly rate.
Per linear foot
Electrical Panel Installations

A suitable electrical work pricing guide for electrical panels installations revolves around the prices of the panels:

100-Amp Panel: $1,400
200-Amp Panel: $2,200
400-Amp Panel: $3,500

The most demanded electrical panel replacement usually takes 8 to 10 hours for setting up to a 200-amp capability through the installation of a new panel with main breaker and ten circuit breakers. Final price includes labor, and all the materials required through the installation process.


Raceways and Boxes

A raceway installation is one of the most sought after electrical installations services. To get a quick reference from this fair electrical work pricing guide:

Setting to all outlet box and raceway installation requirements as well as underground handholes and boxes installation requirements.
It includes raceway, boxes and cabinets installations.
Metal and non metallic conduit and tubing + metal wireways and gutters.

Raceways provide a safe route for the cables and wires, as well as a more visually pleasing setting.

Electrical Outlet Installation
  • Finding out the most suitable solution you can install in each case scenario.
  • Installing a conventional Outlet with GFCI, Split Outlet,  Exterior Outlet with Cover.
  • Installing a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected outlets to help prevent electrical shock in wet areas.
Per outlet

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