Construction Cleanup

Price from the architectural plans (general 01-cover sheet) or a site visit. Search for building actual square foot.
Final clean. CSI 07140
Final cleaning pricing varies per project type, the average price
per ground square foot
  • 1 Full cleanup workday is eight hours long with four laborers.
  • 1 full cleanup workday should price between $750 and $1,200.
  • If 7 or under days, charge $1,000 per day.  If your are told you need to be on site for 6 days, the price is $6,000.
  • If 10 days on the site, then divide by 2 to get a price of $5,000.
  • So if you plan to be on site for 12 days, the price is $6,000, with the ideology the larger the building, the more productive your team can be.
Scope purchased close to end of the project
Factors that affect the average price per square foot
  • Multiple mobilizations- Rough clean, final clean, fluff clean.
  • Lift rental.
  • Exterior window cleaning above 2nd story.
  • Pressure washing.
  • Cleaning the same space multiple times.

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Final cleanup is a requirement on 90% of building construction projects, it is the last scope purchased on a construction project.
Statistics B

Use this construction clean up pricing guide to determine what to charge your customers.

North America pricing listed in USD, project location can affect slightly.

Cleaning prices

Davis Bacon Prevailing wage classification- Laborer: Common or General
Multi family residential

Hotels, Apartments, Condominiums, College residence halls, Senior living Retirement: Has units/rooms for living, plus common spaces and hallways, Basement level garage and clubhouse. Many windows and Multiple stories. Rare to apply wax, Usually contains rough final and fluff clean phasing. the most common bid price $19,000. Most common size of a building is 102,000 and the price per of unit/room is $130.

per ground square foot

Polished concrete is not waxed, VCT waxing offices, storefront cleaning, Fluff clean will be performed after the store has been merchandised or the GC turn’s over an empty shell. No cases, no shelves, no fixtures, no TV monitors, no desks: Dollar General, CVS, Walmart, Autozone, Dick’s Sporting Goods. The most common bid price $1,650 and most common size is 8,100 square feet.

per ground square foot

Millwork, Seating, Counters, Tables, Booths, Kitchen equipment and Sinks: Shake Shack, McDonalds, Taco Bell. Most common bid price $1,300 and the most common size is 5,200 square feet.

per ground square foot

Hospital, Clinic, Dental, Medical office-mostly VCT. Dialysis treatment stations. The size will mostly likely be 40,000 square feet. Most common bid price is $4,500.

per ground square foot
Interior tenant fit out

Not a full new construction, keep current structure, interior windows, small vct area in kitchen, carpet in office area, no cubicles installed yet. Most common bid price $2,300 and the most common size is 13,400 square feet.

per ground square foot

Distribution Facility, Manufacturing, Freezers, Warehouse, Storage, Chemical plant, Hangars. Most open space and less detail cleaning of all building types, polished concrete flooring is common, heigh ceilings. Most common bid price $10,200 and the most common size is 123,000 square feet.

per ground square foot

Elementary, middle, and high schools, commonly contains with gym and cafeteria. Plus university classroom buildings. Most common bid price $10,000 and the most common size is 80,000 square feet.

per ground square foot

Church, Temple, Religion: Many seats, large open gathering areas, office, high walls, mostly carpet and vinyl flooring not requiring wax. Most common bid price $3,400 and the most common size is 25,000 square feet.

per ground square foot
Police-Fire Station

Concrete bay area, Police station, fire stations, and jails. Most common bid price $3,000 and the most common size is 15,000 square feet.

per ground square foot

Requires Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage. A badge is required to get on site, and to get a badge or work on site you need a driver license and no felonies. Need to be an USA citizen: Ballistic Missile Defense Facility, Ft. Detrick, Fort Belvoir, Air Nation Guard, Weapons Load Training Facility. Most common bid price $5,500 and the most common size is 54,000 square feet.

per ground square foot

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