How Intelconstruct sources and uses information

To provide users with the most complete and up-to-date information about companies, key employees and construction projects, Intelconsruct displays company profiles (including active and historical project listings) on Sales Cloud and Data Exchange, as well as third-party websites and applications via APIs such as those on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Intelconstruct may also use company entity firmographic information to generate insights and leads for customers. Information on companies is compiled from a variety of sources:

  • Publicly-available information, such as crawled web content (e.g., information from a business’ official website)
  • Licensed data from third parties
  • Users who upload invitation to bid requests on Intelconstructs servers
  • Information based on intelconstruct’s on the ground interactions and research


If you believe a company profile or project listing is inaccurate or should be removed, you can suggest an edit or flag it for removal. If you believe it should be removed for any other legal reason, please submit a legal request



Data due diligence

Intelconsruct began collecting general contractor related data sets in 2011.  The main sources we used to know the active general contractors include local Business Journals, local Laborer unions, local Associated General Contractor Associations, local Minority Supplier Development Councils, and local Builders Exchange Organizations.  To enhance the general contractor data sets, we needed employee information, the people who make the companies work. 

We gathered employee data from a combination of imports directly into our database and thousands of invitations to bid requests.  We focused on estimating and project managers titles along with executive level employees, people who could answer questions about how their company operates.


To keep our data sets updated with valid information, we have emailed and communicated with each company numerous times every month since 2011.  Outbound emails from our platform cleaned employee email addresses, and inbound emails to us allows us to gather company information.  

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