Companies with the largest social presence.  We count the followers of the 5 major social networks, adding the followers together to get 1 social network score.  2,299 companies with a social network score and Tier assigned.


Social Network Tier: Tier SN1 (352 records)


Social Network Tier: Tier SN2 (1,158 records)


Social Network Tier: Tier SN3 (789 records)


Tier SN1 AECOM Tishman – 1,410,937 – DELPHI CONSTRUCTION -5,010
Tier SN2 TW FRIERSON CONTRACTORS INC. – 4,996. – BHI Contractors – 501
Tier SN3 Weekes Construction, Inc. – 500. – ERIN Contracting, LLC – 127

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