We have large companies and small companies in our USA construction company dataset.  We have created a company size score and segmented the score into Tier 1-3 for easy comparison and benchmarking.


The 3 different Tier scores are broken down by


Size Score Tier: Tier SZ1 (78 records)
Size Score Tier: Tier SZ2 (283 records)
Size Score Tier: Tier SZ3 (2,447 records)


Tier 1 contains the largest and strongest construction companies.  Tier 1 has the most employees and most followers.  The largest social presence plus more work to distribute amongst employees.


Tier 1 AECOM Tishman – 1,464,436 – BIG-D Construction Corp 20,225
Tier 2 Kinsley Construction, Inc. – 19,481 – Ferguson Construction Company 5,005
Tier 3 MacKenzie – 4,995. –


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